It's odd, I always thought that it would feel great to turn a job down, to be in that great position where you could turn a job down, yet now that I've actually done it today for the first time. I find myself second and third guessing myself (if third guessing is even a thing) and wondering I've made the right choice.

The job, wasn't what I was hoping it was or could be, it didn't make me feel excited or enthusiastic about taking it, it was more a job that would have been a means to an end, a chance to move back to Wales and perhaps that would be all. Of course I might have completely misjudged it and it may have turned into the best job in the world would loads of prospects, but I'm sure I would have picked up on that at either of the interviews, I am pretty perceptive I think. I think it was a great paying, plodding along kind of job and I'm not the plodding along sort really. However, it was paying an awful lot more than my current role and that pays pretty well. Perhaps I should have just taken the money and accepted the step down career-wise that I'm sure it would have been?

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