Silver Clouds

I remember reading a few years ago about the link between cold sore virus and dementia\alzheimer's. From what I remember it is highly likely that cold sore sufferers, like me, will develop dementia and are prone to early onset alzheimer's too. Not just a little bit more likely but apparently very likely. I can remember visiting my gran in hospital when I was about 10 or so, 3he had dementia and I remember being really upset that she didn't recognise me at all. But, on the plus side, she had a friend in there who kept stroking and talking to this invisible dog that only she could see. I remember thinking that was pretty odd, yet quite cool at the same time. All the benefits of a dog, without any of the drawbacks, the dog never needs feeding or letting out and never grows old, it's always there for you. .. so, y'Know that they say about every cloud and all that!!!

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