I've owned this domain for a good long while now and have sadly left it somewhat empty for far too long. In part at least because I'm a firm believer in the notion that if you don't have anything useful or funny to say then don't say anythning at all. Additionally, I'm not nearly so vain as to believe I have anything remotely important to say that hasn't been said before and by better and more eloque people than me.

Yet, with all that said I thought maybe 2017 was the year that I redressedd that. OK, I still don't have anything unique, importnant or profound, but that hasn't stopped the millions of other people out there so why should I be any different?

About Me

So, here I am now living in North Wiltshire, moving here in December 2014 from North Wales where I had lived for the last decade.

I work for a finance company, (sadly in Swindon) where I work in the 3rd Line Support Team. The plus side to being based in Swindon is that I can commute there and back by bike every day, it's not far, just 12½ km each way. I'm single, some might say, obviously so but do share my home with a lovely blond female, Quaver This is the two of us(I'm on the right)

Quaver and I

oh, and that's (unfortunately) not mud on her neck (she LOVED fox poo!)_